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GMSK (D-Star)Hotspot and Node ready Radios Pricing

Basic GMSK ready Simplex radio £85.00

Basic GMSK ready Duplex radio £155.00

Fully Aligned Simplex GMSK node £220.00

Fully Aligned Duplex GMSK node £330.00

Complete Duplex GMSK node* £400.00



Basic GMSK ready systems consist of either one (Simplex) or two (Duplex) Tait 2000 series radios, converted and programmed ready for GMSK use. The required signals are routed to a 9 pin connector on the rear of each radio.


Fully Aligned GMSK Nodes are based on either one (Simplex) or two (Duplex) Tait 2000 series radios, with a G7HIF Tait-Node board fitted to the receiving radio. All levels are preset and they include a flash which contains the boot loader and configuration for the D*Star HSA firmware. However the board is also compliant with Satoshi’s version 5 and 6 firmware if you have his flash. PC connection is via a USB-B port on the rear of the receiving radio.


Complete Duplex GMSK Nodes* are based on the Fully Aligned GMSK Node above, but also include a Diplexer and interconnection leads. This system requires only a 12v PSU, antenna with feeder, and a PC running your preferred inter-connection software to provide gateway linking.


* This Option is only available for UHF(70cm’s) systems