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These 2nd user radios are modified Tait 2000’s Programmed and Aligned ready to use as a Simplex GMSK Gateway, or with a pair of radios as a fully blown GMSK Node (Repeater). We have both VHF and UHF units. The radios will run up to 25 watts output with a suitable PSU and cooling fan fitted to the radio. In addition to the radios you will require some additional Hardware / Firmware / Software.


The Equipment is a Tait 2020, fitted with G7HIF’s design of Node adaptor. For convenience this board has been designed to fit internally to the Tait 2020. All units supplied in this format come fully assembled, aligned and tested. The flash includes the boot loader and configuration for the latest Dutch*Star firmware.

GMSK (D-Star)

Hotspot and Node ready Radios

Tait MHS Board

Helping to bring GMSK(D-Star) Repeaters and Gateways to the masses

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