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Our Node Adaptor Solution

This is a solution by Stuart G7HIF, and uses a Tait 2020 type radio on 2m or 70cm along with a custom designed internal PCB which incorporates the Node adaptor. This solution is in use on MB6EN a D-Star Northants Node on 2m based in Wellingborough.

These unit are currently assembled by hand so if you place an order for one please be advised that delivery is normally a week or so.

The units come in one of a number of designs depending on the end user requirements, and as such the pictures / models you may have seen could be different. Fundamentally however the unit will do the same job. When the unit is shipped it will have been aligned and tuned for the band in use, and checked on air using Dutch*Star firmware. We currently recommend, that you contact Dutch*Star at their web site, and buy the latest release. This can be downloaded to the Node Adaptor using the boot load program supplied in the flash at delivery, downloading is carried out via the USB connector and software supplied by Dutch*Star.

Additional Information can be found on the following pages.