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Additional Information

Please note the board design has also been tested with Satoshi’s firmware, and seems to work with firmware up to the end of version 6. Unfortunately due to the high cost of this firmware we do not support it, although if you have your own copy it should work.

9way pin out Click here for PDF

RF Adjustments Click here for PDF

The LED’s fitted to the front of the unit if requested shows the following:

Blue - Node adaptor powered up (in normal shipping mode this also indicates the radio is powered up as the supply comes from the radio).

Red - PTT is active, and the radio is transmitting data.

Green - This has two modes. When running Satoshi’s Firmware or Dutch*Star Firmware in conventional COS mode it indicates the presence of Carrier Detected. How ever if you are running Dutch*Star Firmware with the automatic COS enabled (Configuration when Shipped) the LED will glow faintly to indicate the mode is operational, and will glow brightly when a carrier is detected and validated.

On most models the Red and Green LED are now in a combined single unit, and this causes a third Colour when in repeater mode with a second radio connected , this is Orange, indicating a valid COS/Detected Signal and PTT of the repeater radio.

Please Check back here regularly as any updates to our hardware along with changes to the firmware and configuration will be reported here. We also hope to add additional data including pictures and diagrams over the next few weeks.